Types of Cosmetic Products

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Types of Cosmetic Products in the World

A “cosmetic” is any substance used to clean, improve or change the complexion, skin, hair, nails, and teeth. Solutions, Lotions, Suspensions, Ointments, Creams or emulsions Gels, Sticks Powders, Tablets, and Aerosols are some popular types of cosmetics.

  1. Solutions have been known since the most ancient times. They are the base of the majority of cosmetics nowadays. All the liquid means like shampoos, shower gels, liquid soap, lotions, and so on are solution types of cosmetics. They all are made out of soluble ingredients, which are evenly mixed with each other in some basic dilutants. In most cases, this dilutant is water.

       2. Lotions are a form of cream that has a lighter texture. Examples of lotions are hair conditioners that require no final rinsing, diverse moisturizers for the body and face, or makeup removers. The main advantage of lotions compared to creams is that they cause no acne breakouts or pore blockage as certain thick creams do. So, they can be used on oily skin without fear and this is why it’s the favorite formula for both cosmetic and medical means for such skin types.

      3. In suspensions, some incompatible elements are mixed. The most vivid examples of suspensions are scrubs, in which particles of insoluble components can be seen. Besides that, suspensions are often used as a form of diverse beauty care products, which supposedly carry some super active ingredients. These are different anti-aging serums, shampoos with active granules, and so on.

4. Ointments are more popular as hair styling and medical care products. They are very thick, based on lanolin, dimethicone, or petrolatum. This thick and sticky texture is great for hair styling because it can keep hair in place. Medical ointments usually contain no water, just the base, and highly concentrated medical components. This feature makes them effective as they are, much more powerful than cosmetic creams and lotions.

5. Creams or emulsions are the most popular form of beauty care products. These are moisturizers and nourishing agents, sunscreens, makeup foundations and primers, and a lot more. They consist of three components or phases: oil, water, and emulsifier.

6. Gels are a special form of cosmetic products that are based on water and special gelling agents. Gels stay thick until you apply force and make them thinner. This is why gels are popular for hair styling and for toothpaste.

7. Sticks are used for goods that should not be touched by hands, for example, lipstick. These are also solid deodorants, eye, and brow pencils, concealers, etc. Their main feature is being solid within their containers but giving off their active ingredients after they are rubbed against a surface.

8. Powders are the most common form of makeup materials that are meant to give off colors or create a thin hygroscopic layer on a surface. Hygienic powders include baby products and agents that are used on feet in order to absorb moisture and unpleasant smells. Facial powders are meant to absorb skin oils and give the face a matte look. Colored powders include blushes and eyeshadows. Sometimes, body and face bronzers and highlighters are also sold as powders.

9. Tablets are usually the same powders mixed with other ingredients that are pressed into a tablet shape. These are compact pressed facial powders, blushes, and eyeshadows.

10. Aerosols are liquid agents that are packed in cans under the pressure. These are deodorants, mostly, and some medical means used for nose or throat conditions. Aerosols contain elements, which damage the ozone layer of the atmosphere, and their usage and production have been reduced significantly in recent years.